Certifications, Memberships & Affiliations

United Way of St. Clair County Certificate of Appreciation

YMCA Benefactor of Youth Award

The ARC of St. Clair County Community Service Award

St. Clair County Community Mental Health Community Service Award

Michigan Public Transit Association 1st Place “Muse Award”

Community Enterprises of St. Clair County Employer of the Year Award

BWATC maintenance personnel take great pride in their work and are an integral part of the safe, clean, and reliable transit system that operates throughout St. Clair County.

The BWATC maintenance department is staffed with highly trained professional mechanics. Many have reached Master Mechanic status and are certified in heavy duty truck repair

BWATC mechanics have the added responsibility of maintaining Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines that operate under extremely high pressure.   

BWATC maintenance personnel are also responsible for the highly specialized task of compressing natural gas into vehicle fuel and maintaining all of the capital assets that are needed to produce fuel.  

 A highlight of the shop in 2017 was when four of our Mechanics helped out a Preferred Towing employee that got trapped under a towed bus at BWATC. The Mechanics acted quickly to get him out. On Tuesday, 16 May, the City of Port Huron bestowed a Public Recognition Certificate on the Mechanics for their valor.