Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager has overall responsibility for the maintenance of all property and equipment owned or operated by Blue Water Area Transit. Responsibilities include:

  • Formulate maintenance plans and determining necessary maintenance intervals to ensure compliance with Federal Transit Administration requirements.
  • Formulate maintenance budgets and ensure compliance to it.
  • Executive oversight of all maintenance personnel and functions.
  • Formulate solutions for equipment malfunctions and determine course of action.
  • Determine equipment needs for the safe and efficient maintenance of Blue Water Area Transit equipment and properties.
  • Assist in the formulation of equipment specifications.

Maintenance Assistant

The Maintenance Assistant oversees the maintenance staff and ensures all necessary procedures and documentation are completed. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining maintenance schedules on equipment per Federal Transit Administration requirements.
  • Maintaining records of all work performed on buses and equipment.
  • Keeps time records of maintenance staff.
  • Maintains parts inventory.
  • Expedites payments for parts to the Director of Procurement.
  • Maintains computer assisted maintenance programs.
  • Assists the Maintenance Director in day-to-day operations.
Maintenance Bay
Maintenance Bay