New Seat Belt Policy Effective February 1st

Important News!  Please Read:

Blue Water Area Transit
has a New Seatbelt Policy
Effective February 1st, 2018


Township Dial-a-Rides
City of Marysville
Handicap/Senior routes
will have a mandatory seatbelt use policy for everyone that chooses to ride.

The new Seatbelt policy will cover ALL *passengers, including:
> All persons using a wheelchair or mobility device
> Children in strollers must be placed in an appropriate belted seat or held on a lap
> Riders may stand only if an open seat is not available

This policy is for the safety of our passengers!

Questions about the seat belt policy can be directed to:
Mr. Mark Watson, Road Supervisor, Blue Water Area Transit.  810.987.7373  Ext. 156

*Does not include fixed route/line runs.